In Zaire


“We heard the news of Ali’s death while working for the launch of our new single, a single who happens to talk about him. Even though our crew is really sad about his death and for the loss of such a big champion, as well as symbol, we decided to dedicate our personal interpretation of “In Zaire” to him, as a modest tribute to one of the most important personalities in boxing and history”.


Director: Gianni Ferrara & Gabriele Tardiolo

Photography Director & Master Animator: Gianni Ferrara

Post Production & Editing: Gabriele Tardiolo & Gianni Ferrara

Actors: BARTENDER (Gabriele “Svedonio” Tardiolo, David Tordi, Valerio Bellocchio), Carlo Basili, Alessandro Misciattelli.

Thanks to all the people who helped us in making this video:

Viera Danielli, Darya Tordi, Palestra Bricas Orvieto, Luisa Tardiolo, Nicola Mariani, Marina Mancini (Marina fa Mercato), Marco Plini.

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