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Music is indispensable, it is an element that unites people, diversities, breaks down all barriers, it is a real universal language. It is a natural and free feature, whose laws are dictated by nature. We can use it to express ourselves as we prefer, and it would be wrong to enclose it in genres or stereotypes, as well as to speak of it being “original” and “non-original”. What really makes the difference is the “how” we use the music. And the “how” is influenced by where you want to go, what message to send, what emotion to arouse.

What we want to do is create an alternative that is much more focused on the person, on the human aspect, on emotions and on the relationships that are established through music.
At the base of our work there is a solid concept of musical arrangement, which we use to the maximum in order to communicate with those who listen to us.

Many people go by trial and error, adding and overlapping elements to create a fuller sound. On the other hand, in Bartender, the breadth is given by never overlapping anything. Every single part is minimal but the result is that of a great sound image, because nothing overwrites and everything comes together. Each band member performs a fundamental task and is supported by the others. Every single part is designed to be irreplaceable and fundamental; even if “decontextualizing it” may seem trivial, within the arrangement it acquires a unique value.

  • M. B.
    Loved the cd. Whenever I want to get things accomplished, I will put Bartender on and move and grove. Awesome!!
  • G. Z.
    Their music is fantastic. They play a wide mix of international favorites with their own signature arrangements. The sound they can coax out of an guitar is amazing.
  • C. J.
    Lunch in Orvieto with a special touch listening to this band! I couldn't resist buying their cd to bring back to Minnesota!
  • V. V.
    Amazing songs in Italian and English. Love their recent CD! So fun to dance to! It was so fun seeing them on my Italian tour! Memories I will never forget!
  • B. C.
    Heard this trio in their home town of Orvieto. Singing in both Italian and English they play international favorites that makes for an especially fun time. Fabulous guitars! They are terrific!
  • R. M.
    What a treat to hear Bartender on our visit to Orvieto! They are three very talented musicians who bring their own sound and arrangement to the songs they perform. My husband is a big fan of Django Reinhardt and they demonstrate the same talent! They played English and Italian songs and left the audience wanting more! Truly a highlight of our visit to Orvieto!

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