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Bartender is an original music trio (acoustic guitars & voices) formed by Gabriele “Svedonio” Tardiolo, David Tordi and Valerio Bellocchio.

Six hands, three instruments and three voices that create a full band music sound: this is the challenge that brought the band to produce their music with a unique and vibrant sound, as well as a diversified and finely arranged repertoire.

The Bartender live music experience carries the audience through a true music journey that begins with Italian and Mediterranean songs and then moves all the way overseas to American Blues & Swing Music.

The band offers a high quality and refined live music repertoire that creates memorable stops throughout the history of music, bringing back to light several compositions that are tucked away in our memory, but never fully forgotten.

Each song is fully revisited and rearranged with a distinct and recognizable style, and is executed live with a new acoustic disguise, with lots of passion and vitality.

Over the years the band has achieved many goals, such as collaborating with important artists (like Chris Rham, Jason Mraz, Yuri Turchyn, John Gray, Ami Rothenberg, Rancore, DjMyke and many more…).

The band has performed at many live music festivals, concerts and music events throughout Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Cina and USA, as well as appearing on several TV shows on Rai (Sereno Variabile & TV News), Sky (Sanremo Doc), HGTV (House Hunters International on American network) and many others.

They performed as a regular music guest at Casa Sanremo and on the Red Carpet of the Ariston Theater, on the occasion of the Italian Song Music Festival (Sanremo Festival). There are numerous important live music venues that have hosted Bartender. Among the many we mention: Yorckschlösschen and White Trash in Berlin – Germany, Lizard Lounge, Box109 and Toad in Cambridge and Boston (MA), North City Bistro, Hotel Albatross and Tim’s Tavern in Seattle (WA) in the USA, Grappa’s Cellar, Ned Kelly’s Last Stand and Gecko Lounge in Hong KongChina, in addition to the beautiful “local” La Canzone del Mare in Capri, Castello di Mornico in Pavia and Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. Thanks to its particular versatility, the band is also often booked to provide music for events such as conventions and private parties in exclusive locations.

Recently the band returned from a tour in the USA, where it performed several concerts, including the beautiful stage of the Auditorium of the Edmonds Center for the Arts, in Edmonds (WA). In those weeks, Bartender also recorded a series of live sessions in the famous and historic music recording studio called Robert Lang Studios (where undisputed masterpieces of world rock music were recorded by bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and many others) and played live music performances for a series of events organized by Rick Steves (Rick Steves’ Europe), a leading travel writer in the United States and the world. Following the 2019 Winter American tour, Bartender have been releasing numerous radio interviews and performing on several TV appearances. Now the band – thanks to the great success received – is already preparing for a Winter live music tour as well as working on their new album soon to be released.

All the Bartender live music shows have always been recognized as a real success. The 100% Recycled Music project, from which Bartender also made a live record, was and still is appreciated by audience from all over the world. The show for both listeners and the band itself has one common denominator: Entertainment through live music. Check out their live music videos.

Gruppo musicale acustico

Valerio Bellocchio

Guitar & Backing Vocals

Guitarist both electric and acoustic. Social Media enthusiast.

David Tordi

Lead Voice & Guitar

He has always been singing and playing the guitar. Passionate about history and foreign languages.


Guitar, Backing Vocals & Arrangements

Multi-instrumentalist, artistic director and producer. Great musical connoisseur.

Bartender on stage:

  • 3 Beta microphones 58/SM58
  • 3 Giraffe-style mic stands
  • 3 Stage monitors
  • 3 DI Direct boxes
  • 6 XLR cables
  • 2 Power supply strips
  • Minimum required space 3×2 meters
Bartender the Band Stage Plan
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