100% Recycled Music

100% Recycled Music Acoustic Rock
20 December 2013
Number of discs: 1

In a historical period when so many things pass too quickly and are created to self-destruct, we believe that it is not always necessary to produce new things. In music, the throwaway phenomenon is particularly evident: the quantity of ideas and products that are born and die every day, thanks to our “dear” technology, is enormous, disproportionate. Many are the works that it would be necessary to preserve and pass on to maintain contact with the past and with who we are. If we look back, in the history of man and in art, recycling has always been important for the conservation and reuse of objects that otherwise would have been lost over time. Our work has therefore been that of research, recycling and reuse of important and significant pieces for us.

This record was recorded live, without any overdubbing, with the aim of keeping intact the characteristics of our live sound.

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